Magic: The Gathering - Ikoria - Lair of Behemoths Collector Booster MTG

  • PLAY IN STYLE Each Collector Booster is packed with the most premium offerings from Ikoria Lair of Behemoths – making the act of opening a booster as exciting as possible
  • 1 GODZILLA SERIES MONSTER CARD This can be an alternate art foil or regular card featuring a monster from the Godzilla universe
  • 1 COMMANDER One of the twenty commanders available in Ikoria will be featured in each booster
  • 1 EXTENDED ART CARD A Rare or Mythic extended art card can only be found in Collector Boosters
  • 1 FOIL & 1 NON FOIL SHOWCASE CARD OR BORDERLESS PLANESWALKER Find alternate bordered cards designed to fit within the Ikoria style or borderless Planeswalkers from the set
  • 2 SHOWCASE CARDS These will be common or uncommon with alternate borders exclusive to Ikoria
  • FOILS GALORE In this pack you get 6 Foil common uncommon or land cards 1 foil basic land card 1 foil rare or mythic card and 1 Foil double sided token


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