Beat the Boss

Do you have what it takes... to stand against The Boss!? We'll soon find out...

Over the course of the year, dates will be provided for a special 'Beat the Boss' event day.
Customers will be able to challenge the Boss of Wargames Emporium in a predetermined demo-style game. If you do managed to beat the Boss, your name will be added to a leaderboard and at the end of that month the person who tops the leaderboard will be rewarded with additional discount in the shop (for a time), and will also have their mugshot taken to be displayed on the Boss's "Most Wanted" board.

These event days will occur at both the Sheffield and Mansfield stores (at separate dates), allowing challengers to approach the Boss at which ever store he decides is worthy of his time. Then you can throw your gauntlet down and take on the Boss.

But did you really think it was that simple?
The Boss is the Boss for a reason, and he has his own rules...what he says goes...right?

The mysterious and all powerful Boss Dice. At any point during a game and for one use only, The Boss may decide he does not agree with a dice roll and therefore The Boss Dice may be ordered to be used, allowing him to over rule a result with a re-roll.

What if it's a game with no dice involved? The Boss can use The Boss Dice to play his luck and allow it to decide his course of action during the game at hand. What actions might he choose from? who knows...only the Boss does!

The Boss is a powerful adversary...but he does have a weakness. He loves a sweet deal or even a gift! Once, either before or during a game you may proclaim you wish to make an attempt to Bribe The Boss. If successful, The Boss will warm to you and is very likely to go "easy" on you during the rest of the game. Fail, and he will do everything in his power to destroy you (in game).

What are some of the ways you could Bribe him? He does like chocolate and a good cake...but maybe even offering him that you'll pay for something that has a discount but at FULL PRICE! The Boss loves to make money...use it to your advantage!

There are times when things happen out of our control, but The Boss doesn't care! He expects RESULTS! The terms of 'You're Barred' will differ from game to game, but they will be clearly explained to you before the game begins.

In short, if a certain situation occurs during game play - The Boss will declare "You're Barred!" to your snivelling little face, as the realisation dawns on you that you have instantly lost the game.

An example of such a dire circumstance could be... you have rolled a 1 on a dice, three times during a single turn.

Be aware that to challenge the Boss invite his use of authority...we can't in all honesty say what will happen and woe, woe to the ones who make his "Most Wanted" board...either he will make plans for you or he may attempt to mould you into his image.
You've been warned.

Check back soon for dates and further details.