Pay & Display

Do you have unwanted miniatures? Do you want to make some money?
We have an answer!

Our shops have display cabinets that you can now rent space in. This space can be used to display the miniatures you wish to sell and our customers will be able to view and purchase them.

Cabinet shelves can be rented for the following prices (plus 10% comission):

  • Top two shelves - £10 each per calendar month
  • Third shelf - £6 per calendar month
  • Bottom shelf - £4 per calendar month

To go about renting space and putting your miniatures on display, you will need to visit our Sheffield or Mansfield store and pick up a 'Cabinet Sales Form' or download the form (see below). This will need to be completed and handed to a staff member before any miniatures are put in the cabinet.

The Cabinet Sales Form is available to view and download here.

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