8088 Alexander's Macedonian Army

Box includes all the units needed to make Alexander The Great's army at the time of the invasion of Persia.


3 Companion cavalry (Macedonian heavy cavalry)

1 Prodromoi (Macedonian scout)

4 Thessalian cavalry

2 Greek cavalry1 Thracian cavalry

1 Paionian cavalry

24 Macedonian phalangites

12 Greek hoplites

4 Agriane javelinmen

2 Cretan archers

4 Greek mercenary peltasts

2 Hellenistic staff slingers

7 Thracian peltasts

5 Thracian thureophoros

Total: 12 cavalry and 60 infantry


 Figures supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.

Box artwork may differ from the image.

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