Airfix: Then and Now - 1:72 Supermarine Spitfire & F-35B Lightning II

Since the early days of powered flight, the aeroplane and the intrepid individuals who flew them have captivated the imagination of the world, the most impressive machines ever built by man flown by a talented few. Of all the many aircraft types which have taken to the skies, it is the single seat fighter which has provided the most fascination and in Britain, the Supermarine Spitfire has reigned supreme over the years. An aircraft regarded as the nation's saviour during its darkest hour and one which remained in service throughout the Second World War, the Spitfire is as famous today as it was when the first production fighter arrived at RAF Duxford back in August 1938.

The Mark Vc variant of the Spitfire may have been an interim development of Britain's famous fighter, rushed out to combat the latest version of its wartime adversary, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, however, it would prove so successful that it became the most heavily produced of all the Spitfire variants. An aircraft which allowed Fighter Command to go on the offensive, the Spitfire Mk.V would be operated by Allied squadrons all over the world and helped to establish the almost mythical reputation of this famous fighting aeroplane.

Bringing the history of the Royal Air Force right up to date, the latest high-tech single seat multi-role aircraft currently patrolling Britain's skies, the Lockheed Martin® F-35® Lightning is a highly advanced fifth-generation combat aircraft, one which is described as a technological quantum leap ahead of anything else currently in the skies. Although just at the start of its service career, can the F-35 hope to come close to matching the aviation reputation of the incomparable Spitfire?


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