BBX68 TOG 2* Armoured Troop - Flames of War

TOG 2* Armoured Troop (BBX68)
includes two TOG (17 pdr) Tanks and two Unit Cards.

Fosters of Lincoln, who had built the original heavy tanks, created a massive 81-tonne tank, the TOG designed by ‘The Old Gang'. The German Blitzkrieg demolished their concept along with the army in France. Immediately work was started on a new version with a more powerful armament in a conventional turret. The TOG 2 was an interesting hybrid of the old and the new. The tank still had no suspension, just like the original heavy tanks, but used an advanced electric transmission. The proposed 6 pdr gun, although not yet fitted to any tank, was deemed too light for such a big tank, so they fitted the new 17 pdr anti-tank gun, producing the TOG 2*.

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