Betrayal at Calth

 is the 31st Millennium. The galaxy is aflame. Enlightenment and knowledge are sundered the Age of Darkness has begun in earnest. The Emperors glorious vision for humanity lies in ruins as his favoured son Horus has rejected his fathers light and embraced the corrupting tendrils of Chaos. Civil war has broken out amongst the Space Marines once brothers fighting side by side as the galaxys protectors they are now a force divided. Some remain loyal to the Emperor others have sided with the Warmaster. Nothing is certain everything is at stake and the Imperium is split down the middle The Horus Heresy Betrayal At Calth is a fantastic standalone boxed game of claustrophobic tunnel combat set during the Word Bearers invasion of the Ultramarine world of Calth. Emphasising fastpaced squadbased combat during six exciting missions it allows players to choose their side and command a force of beautifully detailed Citadel miniatures in a brutal war for survival during

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Category: The Horus Heresy

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