Black Powder - Belgian Line Infantry Firing

Forming fully a third of the allied army that opposed the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, during the Hundred Days campaign were the Dutch and Belgian soldiers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Having been serving in the French army just a year earlier, the Dutch and Belgian troops were a vital component of the army led by the Duke of Wellington, who had reservations about their fighting abilities against their former master. Wellington's concerns were unfounded as they held firm in the face of huge attacks from French columns. The troops in this boxed set have formed a firing line to pour shot into the oncoming columns of Les Bleus. Although we know that it is unlikely Dutch and Belgian troops would have carried colours at Waterloo, we have included a full-colour flag sheet as we know wargamers love to see their units literally flying the flag! Box contains 24 Warlord Resin figures, a flag sheet & plastic bases. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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