Black Powder - Vive l'Empereur

Murdering their way out of a Spanish prison hulk, Chef de battalion François Léon de Rochebaron and his loyal band of followers began their journey into infamy. After the brutal experience at the hands of his Spanish captors, the once honourable de Rochebaron swore unwavering vengeance on the enemies of France. Thus the legend of the 'The Butchers' of the 73rd Line Regiment was born. In battle, no quarter was ever given as they became the scourge of the Spanish peninsular. It was only when les Bouchers met an English battalion at Grijo in 1809 did they finally meet men who could match their ignoble method of waging war. During the battle, De Rochebaron fought a bloody and protracted duel with an English Captain, matched in its viciousness by the scrap at their feet between his beloved poodle, Fifi and the British mongrel, Duchess. While all combatants survived this encounter, they swore to meet again and settle the matter. Cast in the finest Warlord Resin, these superb miniatures are dripping with character – from the vengeful, Rochebaron down to the regiment's mascot, Fifi the poodle. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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