Brush Care Shampoo Modellers World

Capacity: 100 ml
The highest quality brush cleaning and maintenance agent. Active foam washes out even the most recessed paint, fresh and dried. It does not contain organic thinners, it is safe for all-natural and synthetic bristles. Regular use helps to maintain brushes in excellent condition. Regenerates, supports the retention of shape and elasticity of the hair. The shampoo can also be used to form a brush tip after washing and left to dry.
Rinse the brush with water from excess paint. Pour the preparation on to a base, then rub with a brush in a circular motion to create foam. When it is very dirty, rinse with water. Repeat the procedure until the foam is completely clean, white.
Old, dried paint layers: the same as above, apply hot water and leave the foam created for a few hours on the brush to soften and penetrate the bristles.
When finished, you can soak the bristles in the shampoo and form a brush tip. Always dry in a vertical position, bristle down so that it does not rest on the ground. Before the next use, crumble or rinse the shampoo.

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