Commands & Colors: Ancients - Expansion 4 (Imperial Rome)

Commands & Colors Ancients: Expansion #4, Imperial Rome, adds a completely new Roman army.  You will note by the listing of Imperial Roman units that the army composition is not like either earlier Roman army, and that it is decidedly weaker than its predecessor, the Julian army.
The Eastern Kingdom army has been increased to reflect the increasing dominance of the mounted units, particularly the light archers and heavy cataphracted cavalry. You’ll get a chance to use armored camels as well. Regular camel units have been provided in case you wish to revisit older battles such as Magnesia and use the Eastern Kingdom army instead of the Greek army.
The Barbarian army have also increased – again to reflect the increasing use of heavier mounted units.
  • 293 blocks and four sticker sheets
  • 1 sheet of 15 new terrain tiles
  • Two wooden card holders
  • Rules and Scenario booklet with 24 battles
  • 2 player reference cards

Collections: Board Games

Type: Board Games

Vendor: GMT Games

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