Disney - Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn - Tactical Teamwork Starter Deck

Become an Illumineer and wield magic ink to summon glimmers of Disney Characters. Together with your team, you'll challenge opposing Illumineers as you race to collect scattered lore.

Tactical Teamwork.

In this starter deck, strategic Sapphire glimmers like Gaston - Intellectual Powerhouse and Judy Hopps - Optimistic Officer help you plan ahead and clear the way for teams of determined Amber glimmers like The Queen - Commanding Presence and the Seven Dwarfs. Together, these inks create formidable partnerships!

Includes everything One Player needs to play

 - 1 Starter Deck of 60 cards, including 2 Foil cards

- 11 Damage counters

- 1 paper playmat

- 1 paper tracker token

- Game Rules

Plus - 1 booster pack of 12 randomised cards!

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