Empire Of The Sun

EotS is a strategic level look at the entire War in the Pacific from the attack on Pearl Harbor until the surrender of Japan. Players are cast in the role of MacArthur, Yamamoto, Nimitz, and Mountbatten as you direct your forces across the breadth of the globe from India to Hawaii and from Alaska to Australia. This is represented on a single map based on a 1942 equal area projection of the entire theater of conflict.
Combat in EotS is based on successfully bringing superior combined land, air, and sea forces to bear in a two-tiered combat system. The first tier is the resolution of air-naval combat, the second tier covers ground combat. The culmination of both tiers results in one side prevailing in battle.


  • 280 9/16" counters and 88 5/8" counters
  • Two decks of Strategy Cards (82 Japanese and 83 Allied)
  • One 22"x34" MOUNTED Mapboard
  • 2 x Player Aid Cards (11"x17" & 8.5"x11")
  • Rules Booklet
  • One ten-sided die
Age 14+
1-2 Players
120-360 Mins
*3rd Printing Revisions: Owners of the 2nd edition will see no changes in major components in this reprint. But there are a couple of "inside the rules/scenarios/charts" changes.*

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