Flames of War: M4 Sherman (Calliope) Launchers - Upgrade Pack

M4 Sherman (Calliope) Launchers (US147)
includes three M4 Sherman (Calliope) Launchers.

These launchers are named after the Calliope (pronounced Kal-lee-ohp by some and Kal-lie-oh-pee by others) steam-powered organ played at carnivals and circuses. The launcher’s frame could not stand up to the main gun’s recoil, so the crews became dedicated rocketeers, forgoing their main gun completely. Placed on the back of a 2½-ton truck for better mobility and stronger bombardments. Each Calliope rocket launcher system fired a bombardment of sixty 4.5” (114mm) rockets. Individually, these rockets may not cause much damage, but group 60 to 240 of them into a single salvo and the enemy will have nowhere to hide!

Please note - UBX88 M4 Sherman (Late) Platoon required to complete - Sold Separately.

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