G511 German Light AT Weapons - Late War

Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

Each pack contains the following:
• 14+ men with Panzer Fausts (some kneeling & firing, some advancing)
• 8+ two-man teams with the 8.8cm Raketenpanzerbusche 54 (Panzer Schreck). Each team has
one man aiming the weapon, and the other kneeling with a reload rocket.
• 8+ bases for the ground mounted weapons. Each has has one crewman mounted on it.

Ground mounted weapons:
• +2 SchwerePanzer Busche '41 (a 25mm taper-bore gun), each with a seperate kneeling gunner
• 4+ 8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43, commonly known as the Puppchen, each with a seperate seated gunner

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