G531 E-10 (Movement Posture)

Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

Wehrmacht '47® light PanzerJäger
Per pack: 5

When the German military planned the 1945 modernization of the AFV range, they adopted the improved Skoda chassis, called Aufklaerer 38(d), for the lighter vehicles. It not only improved on the 38(t) design, but also facilitated production in German factories. The E-10 was the improved light PanzerJäger – an up-graded Hetzer. It mounted a 7.5cm L/48 gun, and had frontal armour on the glacis 60mm thick. This vehicle featured an unusual adjustable suspension for going into a very low silhouette: so unusual that GHQ is offers 2 different packs of this vehicle! This model shows the movement mode – see G536 for the firing position.

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