Ghost Archipelago Snake-Men

Also known as serpent-men, or serpent-people, Snake-men are generally considered the most dangerous and deadly of the sentient  races that inhabit the islands. Resembling a human with a snake-like, or lizard-like head, these creatures tend to inhabit great ruined cities  buried deep in island jungles. It is unknown if the snake-men built these cities themselves, or if they are squatting in the ruins of some  other civilization. It is also unclear if all of the snake-men in the  archipelago constitute one unified empire or kingdom, or if they are unconnected tribes. In truth, most of these mysteries are irrelevant to most adventurers, who either want to find the snake-men to take their rumoured, vast quantities of enchanted gold, or to avoid their sharp, curved, envenomed weapons.

28mm sized plastic figures, unpainted and require assembly using glue.


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