In Death Ground - (special price)

Wargames rules for the pre-gunpowder era,. c. 2500 BC to 1300 AD.

“In Death Ground” is a new approach to wargaming the Ancient and early Medieval (or what we prefer to call the “pre-gunpowder”) period, covering roughly the era from the first recorded battles around 2500 BC up to 1300 AD. It uses many of the successful mechanisms introduced in Ruga-Ruga Publications’ 19th century African rule set, “Death In The Dark Continent”, but adopts an entirely new close combat system which reflects the crucial importance of hand-to-hand fighting in ancient warfare.

The aim is to produce a game suitable for an evening’s entertainment with modest sized armies of between one and two hundred figures. So, in the interests of speed and ease of play, the proliferation of troop and weapon categories have been kept to a minimum and the command system simplified as far as possible, while retaining the flavour of the period and the individual armies. This approach can often give a more realistic game than more complicated systems, as it allows tactical situations to develop and reduces the need to decide the battle by a headlong charge before you run out of time. At last you can employ the brilliant tactical manoeuvres you have always dreamed of, rally your tired men for a renewed effort, commit your reserves at the decisive moment, and still play the game to a finish in a few hours!

The rules are suitable for any figure scale. They include sample lists for 12 of the most popular armies. We are including further army lists free on this web page, see below. So one rule book is all you will ever need, leaving you free to spend your money on more figures!

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