Legions Imperialis - Solar Auxilia: Thunderbolt Fighter Squadron

If aerial domination is your goal, then Thunderbolt fighters are the answer. These versatile craft are equipped with twin lascannons for taking on enemy armour columns, as well as quad autocannons or Avenger bolt cannons for shredding both enemy flyers and ground targets.

These models can also be used in games of Aeronautica Imperialis by mounting them on Aeronautica Imperialis bases, sold separately.

The set includes:

- 4x multipart plastic Thunderbolt fighter miniatures (Any of these miniatures can instead be assembled with Avenger bolt cannons instead of quad autocannons. The kit also includes a selection of hellstrike missiles, skystrike missiles and wing bombs to upgrade your miniatures with.)
- 4x Legions Imperialis 40mm Round Flying Bases with ball socket stems
- 1x Thunderbolt transfer sheet

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Only ships within the EU.

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