Messerschmitt bF109 G10

The Bf 109 played an important part in all operations during World War II. The prototype first flew on 28.05.1935. The single-seat fighter featured a 1,435 hp DB 605 engine which gave it a max. speed of 684 km/h at 7,400 m. Production totalled some 35.000 units.

- Landing gear in 2 optional positions
- Structurally detailed surfaces
- Decals for 2 versions
- Detailed cockpit with instrumet panel

Decals for 2 Versions:
-Bf 109 G-10, II. Gruppe/JG 7, end 1944, Northern Germany
- Bf 109 G-10, IV. Gruppe/JG 27, early 1945, Berlin

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