MMG Platoon & Mortar Section

Machine-guns used to be grouped together in the battalion support company, but by 1942 each motor company has its own attached machine-gun platoon. The Vickers medium machine-guns pin the enemy down while the motor platoons manoeuvre for the knock-out blow. On the defensive, no enemy infantry can approach the Vickers without weathering a storm of lead.

 Each motor company has a section of two 3-inch mortars for close support. They fire a 5kg (10lb) high-explosive bomb which can knock out enemy gun positions or break up attacking infantry units. While not as deadly as its big-barrelled Royal Artillery counterparts, the 3-inch mortar is a more portable alternative.

This box includes four Vickers MMG teams and two 3-inch Mortar teams, six medium four-hole bases, one base plug sprue, two Unit cards.

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