Mortal Gods

From Footsore Miniatures and Victrix.


Greece has proven her might and the forces of the vast Persian Empire have been repulsed. Each City-State believes it played a key part in the victory and this new found pride has brought about rivalry, greed and conflict.

Generals and statesmen vie for power and wealth in the chaos, risking exile or execution while the boldest and ambitious gather to them their Hoplites, these veteran warriors, bronze-clad and trained in war, stand loyal to their Strategos’ city or ideals.

The price of failure being exile or death. In this age of strife and conflict, bold men may seize greatness and become as Mortal Gods!

•Box Contents•
38 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:

  • 2 x Mercenary Hoplite frames (16 miniatures)
  • 1 x Unarmoured hoplite frames (8 miniatures)
  • 1 x Peltast frame (8 miniatures)
  • 3 x Mini slinger frames (6 miniatures)

The above provides two equal sized medium forces or one large force.  The box contents can be used to represent Mercenary Greek Lochoi or other cities, with a simple painting solution.

Bases - singles and groups 
2 x movement sticks

The Mortal Gods Rulebook
10 x Mortal Gods Dice (white & black)
10 x Damage Dice (red & white)
1 x D6
2 x Quick Reference Sheet (one on the back of the rulebook)

97 x Lochos Roster Cards, including Phalanx Cards
30 x Gift Cards
30 x Omen Cards
5 x Injury Cards
20 x White activation markers
20 x Back activation markers
3 x Red Omen markers

Collections: 28mm Plastic Box Sets, Victrix

Category: Mortal Gods

Type: 28mm Plastic

Vendor: Victrix

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