Navajo Wars (2nd Printing)

Navajo Wars is a one to two-player game which covers the amazing history of the Navajo people from their first encounters with European colonists until their brutal subjugation by the Americans. For over 250 years, the Navajo fought to preserve their way of life. Navajo Wars gives YOU a detailed look at this epic historic period from the perspective of the Diné - the Navajo people.

In Navajo Wars, you will face Spanish, Mexican, and American soldiers and settlers. You must use skillful planning and resource management in order to maintain your tribe's freedom. Navajo Wars uses a unique mixture of cards and enemy instruction matrix to drive the actions of the Navajo's opponents.

Though designed from the beginning as a solitaire game, Navajo Wars also includes rules to play a semi-cooperative 2-player variant. In the 2-player game, both players can lose, but only one player can win!
  • 22x33 inch map
  • 1 and 1/2 countersheets
  • 80 cards & 20 wooden cubes
  • 2 Player Aid Cards
  • Full color rulebook
  • Full color playbook
  • Bag to draw cubes from
  • Three 6-sided dice
Age 14+
1-2 Players
120-360 Mins
*Note on 2nd Printing: This will be identical to the 1st Printing, except that any known errata will be corrected.

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