Nine Years: War Of The Grand Alliance 1688-1697

In 1688, Louis XIV embarked upon a war of aggression later called the NINE YEAR's War or the War of the Grand Alliance. At the same time, supported by influential British political and religious leaders, Wiliam III Prince of Orange crossed the Channel to invade England, deposing the English King James II, his father-in-law in the "Glorious Revolution."  The War of the Grand Alliance is a companion game to No Peace Without Spain.

This Stand alone game uses the No Peace without Spain System, and also contains a campaign game combining the components and scenario rules of both the Nine Years: War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697 and NO PEACE WITHOUT SPAIN games into one epic scenario running from 1688 to 1713 for the epic scenario ownership off both games is needed.  Now players can recreate one of the decisive moments in European history, as France begins its long slide to revolution, Austria enjoys its last moment of continental dominance, and Britain asserts itself as the preeminent economic power of Europe.

Will Louis XIV assert French hegemony? Will Austria prevail in central Europe? Will England continue as a Bourbon ally or become "Great Britain.?" These and other possibilities are now open to players.


Age 12+

2 Players

120-240 mins

Collections: Board Games

Type: Board Games

Vendor: Compass Games

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