R152 Soviet Combat Command 1944

Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

47 x Individual Infantrymen
2 x Machine Gun Teams
2 x Mortar Teams
3 x T-60A Light Tanks
3 x JS-2 Heavy Tanks
3 x ISU-122s
3 x SU-76s
2 x M17 MGMC Halftracks
5 x Studebaker Trucks

In addition to all of the vehicles and equipment of a complete Micro Armour® team, all Combat Command® sets include a hard plastic storage box with die-cut foam inserts, a set of tank rules, and a full colour GHQ Miniature Wargaming Sourcebook which has guides for miniature painting and terrain making. These are perfect for beginners just getting into the hobby!

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