Victrix Pak 40 + Sd.Kfz.11 VG12026 1:144th 12mm

This set includes 8 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 scale models

The Pak 40 entered service in 1942 and became a mainstay of German towed antitank guns until the end of the war. With its powerful 7.5/L46 gun it could take on most allied and Soviet armour.

The Sdkfz 11 entered service in 1939 and was used up to the end of the war as a prime mover of towed artillery and Flak guns. It could also carry 8 men and 9,000 were produced.

The kit comes with 4 x Sdkfz 11’s and 4 x Pak 40 antitank guns. There are two gun crews. 1 set in standard uniform and 1 crew in smocks. There are crew for the back of the halftrack and plenty of stowage and ammo boxes and spent shells. We have also included sand bags to help secure the gun emplacement.

Unpainted, requires assembly.

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