Victrix VXA049 - Early Imperial Roman Bolt-Shooter


4 x Early Imperial Roman Bolt-shooters.

Every Roman Centuria within a Legion was equipped with a Light Bolt shooter (either Scorpion or Manuballista) These were manned by regular Legionaries and used in the field or defensively from forts or during sieges. They were capable of hurling a large dart or bolt at much longer ranges than the typical bow and added some devastating long range, heavy hitting firepower to any Roman Legion.

You get a lot of bits to really customise each figure and make your bolt-shooter bases look ready for business.

What you get

  • 4 x Bolt shooters and the option of extended slider and drawn back slider ready to shoot.
  • 4 x barrels and lots of loose bolts to fill the barrels.
  • 8 x defensive stakes
  • 16 x crew figures in various poses. Ratcheting back the hand cranks, loading the bolts, standing guard. We even have arms with picks, axes and buckets so you can use them as Romans building and entrenching.
  • 44 x Heads including Option head with Feathers and some bare heads.

If you want to convert this into a Late Roman bolt-shooter you could easily convert some of the Late Roman infantry figures from the armoured, unarmoured and archer sets.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembley

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