Victrix VXDA012 - Norman Unarmoured Cavalry

The Norman Unarmoured Cavalry set includes 12 highly detailed 28mm plastic figures with a whole host of head, weapon and shield options.

These represent the mounted sergeants and retainers that would fight alongside the more heavily equipped Norman knights. Quite possibly they formed the second rank to a Norman cavalry charge to add weight and impetus.

With this set you can create Normans, Bretons, Spanish, Islamic/Andalusian light cavalry or early Crusader knight retainers/squires.

What do you get?

6 Sprues (3 horse sprues & 3 rider sprues)
12 Mounted Figures
24 Head/Helmet Options
4 Shield options (Round, Kite, Long Heater, Adaga)
6 different weapons (Spears, swords, axes, maces, daggers and javelins)
The many shield and weapon options lets you field these figures as Breton light cavalry armed with javelins and light spears. They would skirmish with the enemy and give your Breton or Norman army some very useful fast moving skirmishers and great for following up a broken enemy.

Also included are some Islamic headwear, shields, and swords, allowing you to deploy them as Andalusian cavalry in the tumultuous battles of Spain, where they fought for both Muslim and Christian kingdoms during the era of El Cid and the Reconquista.

As well as European and Spanish cavalry, you can also use these miniatures in the early Crusades as Knights retainers, sergeants and squires. Many Crusaders adopted Arab-inspired headgear, meaning you can use the Islamic heads for your Crusader troops.



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