War Rocket

War Rocket is a fast-paced miniature space combat game set in the retro sci-fi future of the 24th century. The brave Galacteers fight to protect mankind from sinister alien forces. Will you command a fleet of Galecteer rockets or choose the forces of the domineering Valkeeri, the brutal Imperium of Marduk, or the enigmatic Zenithians? You can play a game of War Rocket with fleets of 10-20 ships in less than 90 minutes with minimal use of tokens and absolutely no paper record keeping! The 78-page War Rocket rulebook also includes 8 scenarios with specific objectives to encourage tactical decision making and narrative campaigns. The rules also include advanced rules include special actions such as boarding and ramming, space stations, and space objects such as planetoids and asteroid fields. Rocket customization rules allow you to upgrade your rockets with options such as force fields, lucky pilots, and disruptor beams. You can also use these rules to create your own new fleets.

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