Warhammer 40,000: First Strike

First Strike is a starter set aimed at those new to Warhammer 40,000.

The Miniatures:

15 easy to build push-fit (no glue required) miniatures in blue and green coloured plastic, representing the Ultramarines and Death Guard:


- 3 Primaris Intercessors 
- 3 Primaris Reivers

Death Guard

- 3 Plague Marines
- 6 Poxwalkers

Gaming Content:

- a 24-page booklet containing the core rules for playing Warhammer 40,000, with each phase of the game explained, from the initial setup to one side’s victory;
- a 56-page book that guides you through the background, history and current state of the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy, with introductions to the Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard, as well as 9 other armies. It features step-by-step guides to painting your miniatures, with guides to the paints and brushes you need;
- a 22’ x 22’ double-sided gaming mat – one side is designed with icons showing you where to place miniatures in order to play the training missions, and the other has no markings, so you can play your own games. Each side is printed in full colour;
- a scenery piece. The inside tray of the box is designed to look like a set of armoured containers, meaning it can be placed on your mat as a piece of scenery for your miniatures to battle over;
- datasheets for the miniatures in the box – cards with the information on movement and weapons for each model printed on;
- 6x 6-sided dice, and a 6” translucent measuring ruler;
- a decal sheet for your Ultramarines, featuring army and troop iconography;
- 9x 32mm and 6x 25mm round plastic bases for your miniatures to stand upon.

Only ships within the EU.


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